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Wall Washers

Wall washers are installed in the garden around your home to give a decorative effect highlighting exterior design elements. They are fitted near the home pointing upward, tastefully hidden, illumination also helps to defers criminals.


Spotlights are installed further back than wall washers and have a more directional light. They could be used to highlight an accent tree, key focal points in your garden, or exterior architectural features of your home. The extra illumination serves also to deter intruders.

Driveway and Parking Area Lighting

Lighting can be placed along the outer edges of a driveway, or be incorporated into the stone of a driveway. Placing fixtures which harmonize with the architecture of your home, your driveway and parking areas are defined, allowing for safe and stylish entry and exit.

Pathway Lighting

Pathways can be lit by artfully placed fixtures to highlight and define your unique pathway, making it safer and more inviting for your family and guests. They can be programmed to come on at dusk or with motion detection.

Patio, Gazebo, and Deck Lighting

Your outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed as comfortably as their inside counterparts with a variety of custom outdoor lighting combinations. Up-light a trellis or softly down-light a seating area - we will help you customize lighting to enhance the enjoyment of these spaces.

Water Garden, Pond Lighting and Power

Maximize the investment in your water features and ponds with energy efficient, safe, and elegant lighting and power supply options

Pool Area Lighting

Give your pool a resort-like feel with stylish and safe fixtures, safely lighting your pool for 24-hour enjoyment and accenting landscaped planting beds or incorporated water features.

Custom Lighting

What's your dream? Contact us to illuminate your unique settings and enhance their use year-round.

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