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Layered lighting is especially important in a kitchen. Incorporating diverse lighting in your kitchen design makes it more workable and visually pleasing.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, is the first layer of light in a kitchen. It builds on natural sunlight, providing even ambient light throughout your space. By incorporating dimmer switches, you can raise and lower the light level evenly throughout the room.

Pelmet Lighting

Known casually as "under cabinet lighting," lights are installed tastefully out of sight behind the pelmet (under cabinet trim). Not only a decorative accent, pelmet lighting provides additional ambient light for safer counter-top tasks.

Cabinet Lighting

Illuminate the interior of your cabinets to see all items, or simply to highlight your china. Cabinets lights can be controlled by a switch, or set to come on when the cabinet is opened.

Pendant/ Task Lighting

Pendant lights are installed for task-lighting, such as over a sink or kitchen island or peninsula, and to accentuate specific features of your kitchen.

Toe-Kick Lighting

Installing lighting beneath the lower cabinets will reflect beautifully on the glossy floor. They can be left on at a softer intensity at night for safety.

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