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Inspection, Testing, and Certification

All electrical wiring and components degrade over time. Because the average life span of an electrical installation is 25 years, it's prudent to consult a qualified electrician to determine whether your electrical system is safe. The process of certified inspection and testing is collated onto an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). In short, it is a complete check-up of the entirety of your electrical circuitry, and can only be performed by qualified professionals a report of the findings are then submitted with any recommendations to the duty holder or owner.

EICRs for Homeowners

Wise homeowners recognise that EICRs are vital and have one performed every 10 years, sooner if problems are suspected. They're apprised of the condition of their installations including wiring, switches, and outlets, any potential hazards are noted and addressed, and they enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that every possible electrical safety risk has been professionally mitigated. It's also good to have carried out prior to putting your home on the market or buying a new home.

EICRs for Landlords

As of the 1st of April, 2021, the Ministry of Housing, Communities, & Local Government requires that all existing tenancies undergo an EICR at least every 5 years or at change of tenant.

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