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How you light your home affects the mood, ambiance, and use of your space.

While generous and layered lighting can enhance the enjoyment of each living area, insufficient illumination can leave a room feeling cramped and being underutilized. Contact us to learn how we can help you light the spaces you love.

Recessed Lighting

We can install recessed lighting, in new installations or retrofit your current space. While single ceiling-mounted fixtures and pendant lights can leave the corners of your room dark, recessed lights are inset flush to your ceiling, enhancing sunlight with glare-free ambient light throughout the room. When integrated with a dimmer switch, light in the room can be evenly raised or lowered, which can help with eye strain as well as use of the room.

Layered Mood/Zone Lighting

Ambient, task, and accent lighting all play a part in how you illuminate your home. Using multiple light sources, we can help you add design flexibility and functionality to your spaces. Custom combinations allow you to transition from daytime work space to sophisticated evening entertaining or calm relaxing.

Wall Lights/ Sconces

Fixtures mounted to a wall can add directional light or soft, upward or downward facing ambient light.

Cove Lighting

Custom lighting can be incorporated into the unique architectural features of your home such as ledges, recesses, ceiling valences, or bookcases. The fixtures are tastefully hidden and direct light to avoid shadows that detract from the beauty and impact of your home's distinctive features, instead enhancing their depth and dimension.

Art Lighting

Ceiling mounted spotlights, track lights, and picture lights are essential when you want to make the art - not the light source - the focus. Improper lighting can damage your beloved pieces. Contact us to help you appreciate and conserve your investments.

Pendant Lights

Single fixtures that hang from the ceiling, supported by a single cord, can illuminate specific areas of use, such as a work area like a sink or a desk, or a specific seating area. They can be hung in multiples where more light is needed.

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