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Studies show that a well-illuminated home and property are effective deterrent to crime.

Even a simple motion-sensor flood light can provide you security at night, and peace of mind while on holiday.

Movement-Activated Sensor Lighting

We can install fixtures with integrated movement detectors, triggered to welcome a neighbour or deter an invader.


Infrared cameras placed around the perimeter of your home and monitored internally capture footage that can be watched or recorded over. To accommodate several locations, they can be set always to record, or begin recording with sensed movement. This gives longer life to the DVR recorder keeping footage that can be stored for up to 8 weeks.

Keyless Entry

Enjoy the freedom of not having to remember, carry, or risk losing keys. Allow key-free access for family friends or neighbours. Codes can be changed any time to maintain exclusive access to your home.

Door Entry Systems

See, hear, and communicate with visitors to your property from the safety and comfort of inside your home. When alerted of guests' arrival, you can give instructions or grant entrance.

Weatherproof Outlets

Based on the location of your desired outlets, we will advise and install outlets suitable for their location which include Weatherproof IP65 outlets. You will be safe using these outlets outside as they that protect from dust and other particles, or the ingress of water.

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